BPD women is fictional character?

What is the tendency of infidelity in the case of a BPD woman?

‘BPD woman’ is a fictional character, like Batman, or Spongebob.

Many tales have been told about her, but if she in-fact ever existed then the real details of her exploits have certainly been lost to the mists of time, and now all we have is the legend.

Her legend has become somewhat embellished and re-interpreted over time, leading to questions such as this, which prompt us to try to discern the motivations of a fictional character who has become somewhat of a modern Jungian archetype — we might use our imaginations to do so, but none of us can really know for sure.

Just as we try to discern the will of the gods, yet their mysterious ways persist in confusing us. Because they are our imagination. Just like BPD woman.

We’re all individuals, basically. To be unfaithful you need means, motive and opportunity — I’d guess fear of abandonment and rejection generally keeps all that in check, sometimes even to an unhealthy extent.

A lot of the complaints you might read from dissatisfied former partners relate to BPD folks moving on too quickly after a relationship ended, but that ain’t infidelity, it’s just maybe-less-than-ideal emotional management.

Dysregulated emotions and lack of coping strategies for dysregulated emotions is what the disorder is all about. Sometimes that results in one thing, sometimes another, because we’re all individuals. We’re just normal folks turned up a couple of notches.

Also, it’s not in the diagnostic criteria. This question is a bit like asking what is the probability of any given lime being used in a mojito — there are billions of limes, and not everyone likes mojitos, so who the f*** knows?

Hope this helps! 🙂

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