My First Experience Of Treadmill In Neighborhood Gym

It's not real imaging video but, was so fun today.

Amazing BangKok

Girl at 0:07 is my favorite Thai girl, i know she is not hot for others but for me. also her make up makes me serious...
Architecture Design 建物

Mountain Hut in Mt.Mikagura Fukushima   御神楽岳避難小屋


My Nostalgia Half Life 1998 (video game)

I would like to, Back to the Future .

Nana Plaza in Thailand

I would get girl at left, she is so wild and hot.
Onsen 温泉

Yuno hira Onsen 湯の平温泉

飯豊山の新潟県側の麓にある、湯の平温泉 林道を8キロ、登山道を3.4キロ歩いた先ににあります。 宿泊するための、小屋と水場も揃っています。 小屋の手前にある、屋根付きの女湯と小屋の奥にある露天風呂です。 小屋の中は、と...